Summer Sports Camp

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We are thrilled that summer sports camps are back for summer 2021!
Our summer camp schedule will begin with camps the week of June 14, and will run through the week of July 26. Registration for camps is open now! Our registration forms are accessible at THIS LINK.
Payment for all camps is due at the time of registration. The price is $15 per child per camp. If this causes any concern for you, please contact us – we are happy to talk about a payment option for you.

We will do our best this year to make camp as safe and fun as possible. We are keeping a close eye on our state and local guidelines for group activities during Covid-19, and will be constantly adjusting what we do at the camps accordingly. You’ll receive communication from us to keep you up to date on any changes we are making throughout the summer. We also plan to provide “buffs”, or neck gaiter style masks, for each camper to wear while at camp. Not only will this help with identifying teams, but will also give them a simple way to pull up a mask when needed indoors or in a close contact drill and to pull it back down when it is not needed. If you have any questions about our protocols for this summer, please let me know!