Matthew Rothert

Congregational Care
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If you haven’t met Matthew yet, you’re missing out. He has been leading our Congregational Care team with Marlin since 2021. His kind and gentle words through that thick Arkansas accent can make anyone smile. Matthew has been married to his wife Carol Lynn for over 55 years and together they have 2 sons, 2 daughter-in-laws, and 6 grandchildren. When asked what he’s really good at, Matthew replied, “making others laugh, being a good listener, serving, and making the best PB&J.” And honestly, we’re pretty sure that’s all you need to know.

“A good community is when all want to help and make it known that they are available and willing. Working alone is good, but to volunteer together enables each to learn from the other. It’s my joy and pleasure to be able to be a part of Beechwood!”

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Matthew Rothert - Congressional Care