Laura Cramer

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‘Treasurer’ may be the title on Laura’s office door, but we assure you she does SO MUCH MORE than that. Being at Beechwood since 1969 and on staff since 2000, Laura possesses a level of knowledge and experience that everyone benefits from. When not crunching numbers (which some argue is rare), Laura loves to travel. Between visiting her children in Nashville TN and Little Rock AR, she loves to see the sites, utilize different forms of transportation, and get away from the normal. Her love of travel has led her to visit 5 continents in 5 years.

“Being at Beechwood for so long, I have the advantage of knowing many people, but I also make sure to get to know the new ones. I love that there are so many opportunities for connecting with other people while serving here. Oh and I really enjoy the community that forms through our special events for women.”

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Laura Cramer - Treasurer