Jody Cupples

Missions Coordinator
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Jody and her family have been at Beechwood since 2021, and she has been our Missions Coordinator since 2022. Jody and her husband, Trevor, have 3 kids: Anderson, Jonas, and Eve. As a family they have spent time living in both Dubai and Hong Kong, giving them a bigger idea of how missions operate in other parts of the world. Jody’s experience living in other countries has also fueled her love for adventure including: hiking to the top of mountains, wakeboarding, surfing, traveling, and exploring and immersing in new cultures. We love Jody for the joy, smiles, kindness, and BIG (sometimes too big) ideas that she brings to our team.

“Community to me means family. We are so grateful to have been able to experience true community across the globe and come back to realize that the community of Christ transcends all borders. Although cultures may be very polar, Christ unites us all into one family, one community. We have experienced such a welcoming grace as our family moved back to America in such turbulent times, and it is our hope that we can now be an extension of that welcoming and caring community to others.”

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Jody Cupples - Missions Coordinator (#23)