Jill Dokter

Assistant Student Ministries Director
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Being full of compassion, energy, and JOY, Jill is the perfect addition to our Student Ministries Team! While some may call her the “Assistant Student Ministries Director,” she prefers the title “Queen of Student Ministries.” Her desire to ask questions and *really* get to know people makes those around her feel seen and loved. Jill loves emergency medicine (she’s studying to be a nurse at Baker College), caffeine, writing letters, and being outdoors. Lastly (and don’t argue her on this), Jill feels passionately that Hercules has the best Disney soundtrack and that summer thunderstorms make for the best weather.

“Coming to Beechwood Student Ministries feels like coming home for me and many of our students; it is safe and joyful and intentional. It is a place where we can push each other towards Jesus and be vulnerable and real with each other. I am so excited to continue to do life with these students in this way.”

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Jill Dokter - Student Ministries Assistant (#26)