Dave Lantz

Pastor of Preaching and Leadership
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Pastor Dave has been our fearless leader since 2016. He graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida in 1997. Following that Dave was the lead Pastor of Hager Park Church in Jenison, Michigan and Rockhills Church in San Antonio, Texas before he joined us here at Beechwood! Dave is a doer, a big-picture thinker, and a great leader for our church. Not only does he stay busy with church responsibilities, but he has probably run 5 miles this morning before you even got out of bed. Dave and his wife of 28 years, Candace, have four children that they love spending time with. He has this *thing* about (obsession with?) Michigan State football that some relate to – but not Jim.

“I think community is huge for all of us. We all need some friends who truly know us and are willing to come alongside us in life. We have tons of great people at Beechwood and I’m so grateful for their desire to share their lives with others, and work hard to make life better in the Holland area.”

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Dave Lantz - Pastor of Preaching and Leadership