Jim Borgman

Building and Grounds Director
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As our Building and Grounds Director, Jim’s “can-do-it” attitude has been widely recognized since he joined our staff in 2002. If you’ve ever been to our campus, you’ll quickly understand how substantial of a role he plays. Despite his never ending “to-do” list, his positivity is contagious and he’s always willing to lend a helping hand (whether that’s swinging from the catwalk, chasing birds out of the atrium, or simply cleaning the bathrooms. Again). Jim is passionate about family life and cherishes time and vacations with his wife and three children. His children have also led him to graciously serve for years in our Youth Program. Jim really is the heart of Beechwood. We’ve also heard he has this *thing* about (obsession with?) University of Michigan football that some relate to – but not Pastor Dave.

“You get strength from community. If someone is in need you can draw from [each other] for support. Beechwood’s community is like that – everyone is willing to give a hand. There is a willingness to share lives together, laugh together, cry together, and fellowship together.”

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Jim Borgman - Building and Grounds Director